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"About Association":

Mission of the association
KAGIR is a noncommercial, nongovernmental organization, which consolidates hotel complexes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of international hotel chains, suppliers of the hotel industry, media, such as: “Hotel and Restaurant: business and management”, universities, colleges, which have Services faculty. It was established in 1998.
КАГиР is accredited by the Ministry of tourism and sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan; it works with statistics agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan; protects interests of members of the Association, lobbying and promotes hotel industry in Kazakhstan, as a niche of national economy.
КАГиР is an expert in hotel industry of Kazakhstan; it makes predictions, trends of development of the hotel market.

Main activities of KAGIR
  • Lobbying interests of hotel industry;
  • Working with governmental institutions on protection of interests of members of the Association;
  • Opening of registration points for foreign citizens in hotel-members of KAGIR;
  • Informational bank on hotel business (laws, books, standards, forms etc.);
  • Consulting and Research center of KAGIR (marketing researches, market trends);
  • Club of general directors of KAGIR (discussion of essential issues);
  • Educational center of KAGIR (trainings, education);
  • Staffing (HR) agency of KAGIR (employee selection, recruitment);
  • Marketing, advertising of members of the Association (location of special offers on the web site and in e-newspaper “Vestnik KTA and KAGIR”);
  • Subscription to professional magazines (Hotel and Restaurant: business and management, Hotel and Restaurant: design and interior, 5 stars etc.);
  • Conducting seminars, master classes, meetings, info tours;
  • Facilities, preferences to the members of Association.

For the additional information, You can contact the office of KAGIR.
KAGIR is a founder of: Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA); Kazakhstan Franchising Association.

KAGIR is a member of: Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA).

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